Atsuo - Drums and Vocals

Wata - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

Takeshi - Bass, Guitar, Vocals

B O R I S 
World Wide Management 
Tadashi Hamada - Manager

Label - Sargent House
Marc Jetton & Cathy Pellow - Label 
Jason Adams - Product Manager

Music Licensing - Marc Jetton 

N. American Press - US/THEM Group
Dave Clifford - Publicist 

N. American Booking - Flower Booking
Mahmood Shaikh: - Agent 

European Booking - Odyssey Booking
Vincent  Royers - Agent 



BORIS / Sargent House Discography



Live Review // Dallas Observer 


Mother Earth and Father Boris sharing the same stage: It’s hard to imagine a better soundtrack for the birth of a mountain, or even a planet. And while neither of these appeared within the walls of Trees last night, that might just be because they appeared in some far-flung place instead. Employees of NASA would do well to consider Boris’ current U.S. tour if they should find themselves in needing to explain any interstellar anomalies which might appear in the coming weeks.

Boris are a Japanese metal trio which defies categorization. Each album is a kind of microcosm, a musical biome with its own flora, fauna and weather patterns. The only common denominator is Heaviness. (You know when a band has a $300 fuzz pedal available for sale at the merch table that they’re serious about low frequencies.)

It makes sense, then, to tour with songs from only one album at a time, as Boris is doing this summer: They know their listeners want to experience one of these microcosms in its fully fleshed-out form. For this tour, the album in question is 2006’s Pink, their breakthrough album. It’s possibly their heaviest, a contender for their noisiest and almost certainly their fastest. It starts noise rock (think Japanese Lightning Bolt) and ends doomgaze (think Jesu) with a few turns in between, the whole thing shot through with a darkly psychedelic sensibility.

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