Atsuo - Drums and Vocals

Wata - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

Takeshi - Bass, Guitar, Vocals

B O R I S 
World Wide Management 
Tadashi Hamada - Manager

Label - Sargent House
Marc Jetton & Cathy Pellow - Label 
Andrea Calderon - Product Manager

Music Licensing - Marc Jetton 

N. American Press - US/THEM Group
Dave Clifford - Publicist 

N. American Booking - Flower Booking
Mahmood Shaikh: - Agent 

European Booking - Odyssey Booking
Vincent  Royers - Agent 



BORIS / Sargent House Discography




Rolling Stone premieres first tracks from new Boris & Merzbow collaboration 

This month, veteran Japanese sludgegaze crew Boris are releasing their seventh collaboration with noise icon Merzbow. What makes Gensho unique, however, is that it’s split between two CDs (or four pieces of vinyl), intended to be played simultaneously for some surround-sound Zaireeka-style brain-boggling. Boris’ disc features an array of classics from albums like 1998’s Amplifier Worship and 2005’s Pink performed in a euphoric, beat-free drone style alongside a cover of My Bloody Valentine’s “Sometimes.” Merzbow’s disc is, well, a Merzbow disc: 74 punishing minutes of squealing electronics and lyrical expressions of feedback. The listener is encouraged to enjoy them together or individually.

Relapse, who is releasing the album on March 18, has provided us with two individual YouTubes, so you can give the concept a whirl for yourself. Press play on both clips below and adjust the volume to your preferred level of abrasion.

Click HERE to listen