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Worldwide Management - Sargent House 
Manager: Cathy Pellow 
Assistant: Jason Adams

Record Label  - Sargent House
Worldwide/ Licensing: Marc Jetton 

North American Booking - United Talent Agency




Westword // Chelsea Wolfe & “Hypnos” 


On April 1, Chelsea Wolfe released a seven-inch single for “Hypnos,“ a song that invokes the name of the Greek personification of sleep. It was written as a kind of ode, a love song, that Wolfe says is set in a dark dream. This is the way that Wolfe comes to terms with her own struggles with sleep issues and dreams, sometimes manifested as sleep paralysis. In writing new material, Wolfe revisited older methods of creating her music, which has been described as "drone-metal-art-folk.”

“I started out in music years ago just recording my voice and guitar and life samples on my eight-track, and deep down, I still love the sound of those recordings the best,” Wolfe says. “I think they’re just very intimate in how crude they are, and there’s a lot of one-take stuff there, too. The ‘Hypnos’ demo was a sort of return to that style. I sent it to my friend Steven [Ellison, Flying Lotus], and he was like, 'Just release this version!’ I didn’t really want to redo it, either, but for this album, I made an effort to try and record things hi-fi while still keeping an intimate feeling. I was living in a shitty hotel off the highway for a month in Dallas and spent my days at John Congleton’s studio working on the recordings. The energy of the whole situation lent itself to raw emotions, feeling kind of broken down and giving everything I had to the songs.”

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BlackBook features Chelsea Wolfe 


photo by Nico Turner

When Chelsea Wolfe writes a record she goes deep. So deep in fact, she reaches a level of personal intimacy and darkness most of us wouldn’t dare to explore, but all know exists. That’s why we have her albums to do the diving for us and bring back the sonic depiction of her findings. On her fifth studio album, Abyss, her most evolved and personal record to date she does just that.

“I wanted to drop deep into my own mind approaching things I hasn’t faced before,” she said. “Sonically, I wanted to reflect the hazy confusion of a dream or the afterlife, the feeling of not knowing whether you’re asleep or awake, and the intensity of the surreal world we live in.”

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RBMA Monthly Radio show starts 4/20 // N. American Tour starts 4/24 


Chelsea Wolfe will be hosting a monthly radio show for RBMA Radio (Red Bull Music Academy Radio) called Hypnos Hour, where she’ll be sharing music that has inspired her over the years, favorite songs, and conversations with other musicians. Each episode will have its own theme, with the first episode focusing on outsider folk, blues, and country.
Hypnos Hour goes live tomorrow, 4/20, from 6-7PM EST. Click HERE to sign up and then then tune in HERE.

Then Chelsea Wolfe and her band kick off her North American tour with support from labelmates A Dead Forest Index this Sunday, 4/24. A full list of dates can be found below - CLICK HERE for tickets and info.

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