Tim Collis - Guitar
Chris Collis- Drums
Henry Tremain - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
T  T  N  G

Management - Sargent House
Worldwide - Cathy Pellow - Manager
USA Day to Day - Jason Adams

Worldwide Label & Licensing - Sargent House 
Marc Jetton - Label 

Japan (only) Label - Stiff Slack

N. American - Brixton Agency
Talia Miller - Publicist

N. American  - United Talent Agency
Justin Bridgewater - Agent (NY/ Nashville Office)




TTNG Interview // Myspace 

“Tina Turner’s Nipple Gravy!” all three members of TTNG respond enthusiastically when asked what their favorite fake name is for one of the UK’s biggest math rock bands.

Henry Tremain, Tim Collis and Chris Collis used to be known as This Town Needs Guns, but the ironic humor in the band’s name was lost as the trio became more famous, and they didn’t want to be confused for a decidedly pro-firearm group. Rather than switching gears entirely, the band’s well-known abbreviation became their official moniker.

“There are some legit rivals for the name on social media, like The Three Nice Girls and The Travel Network Group,” guitarist Tim Collis says with a smirk. “We get tagged in all sorts of stuff on social media. That’s the real reason we changed it: to do better on social media and to confuse our fans. Beside that, there’s a big chat and spiel we can go on, but it’s not a big deal.”

But that was almost four years and a pair of releases ago. These days, TTNG’s touring the world in support of July’s Disappointment Island and has built a fanbase spanning continents. But today, they’re still shaking off the jet lag and tracking down their instruments as they stroll into L.A.’s Mohawk Bend for a bit of lunch before their U.S. tour kicks off in two days. Of course, it’s a lot cheaper for TTNG to go out to eat on tour these days than it was for the first couple of tours.

“When we first started, there were five people,” Tim says as he bites into one of the four seared ahi tuna sandwiches at the table. “Then there were four, and then when we did it was a transitional period. This is the first time we’ve been comfortable and written as three for the whole record.”

“I’m just looking forward to the next record as a two-piece,” jokes vocalist and bassist Henry Tremain. “We’re going to have to draw straws to see who gets cut.”

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TTNG Small Pond Session debuts on New Noise Magazine 


We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of TTNG‘s live performance of their song “Coconut Crab” for Small Pond Session (watch it below). The track is taken from the band’s latest album Disappointment Island, available now through Sargent House. You can check out excerpts from each track off the album below the video, as well as purchase it here.

Small Pond Session comments on having TTNG in the studio:

“We were stoked to host TTNG for a live show in Brighton alongside Tangled Hair & Delta Sleep, and even more excited when they agreed to pop down to our recording studio and film a session for one of the tracks from their new album ‘Disappointment Island.’ We’re all big fans of their technical ability and song writing, and they’re just great dudes!”

(via New Noise Magazine)

TTNG Nashville live review // Highlight Magazine 

photos by Andrea Schollnick

It’s a humid night in Nashville as TTNG steps on stage, patiently preparing to start the show. The crowd stares toward the group, anticipating the frantic fingering and snazzy riffs they have come to know and love from their favorite British math-rockers. As TTNG melds into their zone, the club becomes vibrant. Then almost as soon as the first song ends, silence falls across the crowd, but the energy still buzzes over the crowd, intently focused and waiting for the next tune.

“You guys are quiet,” singer Henry Tremain jokes while tuning his six-string bass.

Almost instantly his words are met with deafening screams and scattered woos.

“No that’s a good thing!” Tremain chuckles. “It means you’re paying attention.”


A “Fuck Yeah!” is launched from the back of the crowd, validating Tremain’s comments.

The upbeat demeanor and pleasantries of TTNG reflect that this isn’t their first rodeo, and that the boys cherish their career and workspaces. Having just released their third record, Disappointment Island, the band feels more comfortable than ever, and feels that not much has changed when the traditional narrative of a new album assumes otherwise.

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TTNG Los Angeles live review // Grimy Goods 


Words & Photography: Danielle Gornbein

TTNG, formerly known as This Town Needs Guns came on stage. These Oxford gents were cheered on by fans of all ages. Frontman Henry Tremain takes on lead melodic vocals and bass, while brothers Tim and Chris Collis cover guitar and drums. The three-piece prove top of their game when it comes to technical stylings. Beginning their set with a track from their recent album release Disappointment Island, TTNG were just warming up. The set didn’t even get to track number three before they broke a guitar string. Taking the time to grab a new one, fans anxiously stood by waiting for this magic to continue. They really are just that, magical. From any spot in the crowd, you caught people swaying with their eyes closed, hands up to the ceiling, even some tears being shed… all the feels were present.

Disappointment Island is TTNG’s third full-length studio album and most definitely not the last. These guys take such pride in their work and it shows through their deliverance. Well done, gents.

See full photoset at Grimy Goods

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