Alexis Marshall 
Photo by A.F. Cortes

Alexis Marshall Photo by A.F. Cortes


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Moving Windows // A Collection of Poems by Alexis Marshall 

MOVING WINDOWS is a new collection of poems by Alexis Marshall (Daughters, Solo artist) and Dan Darrah (Mil-Spec, solo artist). LINK TO THE BOOK

After a mutually busy 2019, Dan Darrah and Alexis Marshall began writing the poems that would soon become Moving Windows as miniature travelogues, small mappable glances at the world. These soon developed, amidst the quiet of the year to come, into broader meditations on distance, space, place, and movement. At the book’s middle, a kind of equator, the two pass the torch from one to the other, illuminating all that’s common on the rickety road forward. 

"Most of my poems are about “peopling” movement and distance: who was in the car with you, the rest stop, the train; who sat with you at a dinner table that is not your own; who stole your attention away from the present moment, the place. And where on the map you were, and why, and what it all meant." - Dan Darrah 

"If I had to say something meaningful, I likely didn’t. I do my best to be kindly observant when traveling without being oppressively obvious about my judgmental inner monologue. This is the nature of writing while traveling: lost in self, surrounded by the great everything, selfish in and out of self confidence and self delusion. There are no answers here." - Alexis Marshall 

First Edition 
34 Pages 
Saddle Stitched 
Flippable / Reversible covers 
Housed in resealable cellophane protective bag 
Design by Nick Steinhardt

Alexis Marshall Guestson The Holy Terrors Podcast 

In this episode of the Books of Some Substance podcast, Nick chats with Alexis Marshall, vocalist of the noise rock band Daughters, about Jean Cocteau’s 1929 novel Les Enfants Terribles (or as it is known in its English translation: The Holy Terrors). Topics of discussion include: Marshall’s own approach to writing poetry and lyrics, how The Holy Terrors is a direct allegory of Cocteau’s addiction to opium, and how the atmosphere of this book is both nightmarishly dream-like and kinda like the amplified drama of a reality show. 

Daughters’ latest record, You Won’t Get What You Want, is available via Ipecac Records (editor’s note: It is easily one of my favorites of the 2010s). Alexis Marshall’s new solo single Nature in Three Movements is out now. The Heartworm Reader, Vol. 1 is available today and features a few poems from Marshall (as well as a few from past guest Ross Farrar of Ceremony).

Alexis Marshall on Scream Just Words" // Decibel Magazine 

Scream Just Words: Vocalists Sound Off About Their Craft

Alexis Marshall, Daughters 

“There is a thin line, and I’m talking papyrus thin, between writing selfishly and writing honestly. If I am too honest, I’ll feel far too self-conscious, and in turn, fear I am giving too much of my own self away. If I am overly selfish, I endanger the enlargement of my ego and being not simply misunderstood, but appearing as a pretentious asshole. I have spent many years writing music, poetry and so on, that I find the process simple—so long as I am true to whichever form I am placing myself in. Not writing for the reader or myself, but for the betterment of my contribution to the greater artistic/emotional universe I’m likely stealing from. 

Ambiguity is important. As a reader myself, I do not want a poem or lyric to tell me how to feel about the work, at least, not something that will truly resonate with me. I mean, the Clash are great, but the lyrical content does not stir anything within me on a deep emotional level. If I am able to satisfy my own needs through writing, to say something I feel any kind of important or passing desire to say, without making the reader feel the experience being writing about exclusive to me, then I am doing my job. 

There are truly phenomenal storytellers in music, and lyricists like Tom Waits, Nick Cave and others are in my heart, but if I want to read another’s words and find a way to make them mine, I always have writers like Neko Case and Leonard Cohen to crush me with beauty and poetry.”

via Decibel Magazine

Alexis Marshall Shares First Solo Track "Nature In Three Movements" 

Hear Alexis Marshall's first solo offering in “Nature in Three Movements", a stand-alone single recorded during the session that yielded his upcoming debut album (to be announced in the coming months). Buy / Stream / Download:HERE

Marshall describes the experience of making the material as “the painstaking process of creating and honoring, pretending to know and asking for aide, questioning and conquering, and the pale, unending anxiety nipping at the heel. This past life come current is at last the realized direction of many excruciating years beneath the wheel. The evaluation process has grown enjoyable, the evaluation process is, at last, its own reward and the hands involved have made me a better human being; without these hands, I would surely have crashed to burn. Thank you all. 
I cull the hammer. I wield the hammer. I eat, breathe, sleep, shit, fuck the hammer.” AM 

A new shirt is also available for pre-order on in his online stores. 
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