Blis. - "No One Loves You" on All The Best Albums Of 2017, Ranked // UPROXX

If you’ve never heard of Blis., now is the time to acquaint yourself. No One Loves You, the Atlanta quartet’s debut album, feels like an effort from a seasoned band that has already spent several years refining their craft and figuring out what works and what doesn’t. It’s an immensely confident first full-length effort, blurring the boundaries of emo, shoegaze, and even post-hardcore, making for a collection of songs that is hard to categorize by “genre.” 

No One Loves You was written across the better part of three years, allowing for the album’s tracks to capture the full-circle moment of frontman Aaron Gossett’s songwriting. Where some of the record’s earliest songs discussed his relationship with his own father, the more recently-penned cuts reveal a changed approach after the birth of Gossett’s son. Once you get used to the abrasive, instantly engaging instrumentals, this full-circle nature of the lyrics makes this record stand out from the pack.–Zac Gelfand

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