Jaye Jayle announces Prisyn, a new album in collaboration with Ben Chisholm

Evan Patterson has always been a wanderer and an explorer, something that is evident in the constant evolution of his music since his earliest days as a guitarist in left-of-centre bands – Young Widows, Breather Resist, The National Acrobat -, best exemplified by the constant creative shifts within the fever-dream blues of Jaye Jayle. On the newest Jaye Jayle album, Prisyn, which will be released on August 7th via Sargent House, Patterson takes his boldest leap into unknown territories, capturing immediate moments in his ever-shifting surroundings with the most basic tool at his disposal: the GarageBand app on an iPhone. Instead of his usual backing band, he paired up with Ben Chisholm (White Horse, Revelator, Chelsea Wolfe) as collaborator and producer to create an electronic album completely unlike anything else from Jaye Jayle, an ambitious step from his remarkable 2018 record,  No Trail and Other Unholy Paths.

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