Blis. // Audio Tree Live Session


Full session available via AudioTree

Session Tracklist
1. Dumb
2. Take Me Home
3. Broken
4. Christian Girls
5. Lost Boy
6. Stale Smoke
7. Floating Somewhere High and Above

Blis. is a grungy alternative math rock band currently signed to Sargent House. The Atlanta quartet was founded by frontman Aaron Gossett whose exasperated, ethereal vocal delivery matches his deeply personal, poignant lyrical style. Blis. is a relative new-comer to the scene but have gained critical acclaim for their intense guitar interplay, creative arrangements, and commentary on the complex realities of southern culture.

Atlanta, GA

Band Members
Aaron Gossett - Vocals and Guitar
Jimi Ingman - Drums
Luke Jones - Bass and Vocals
Tom - Guitar