Blis. // Audio Tree Live Session

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Session Tracklist
1. Dumb
2. Take Me Home
3. Broken
4. Christian Girls
5. Lost Boy
6. Stale Smoke
7. Floating Somewhere High and Above


Album Review: No One Loves You by Blis. // Alt Dialogue

Atlanta based rock band Blis. released their debut album No One Loves You on 6th October via Sargent House Records. This is more than your typical debut, this is full formed, confident and assured album. It’s the sound of a band that have their style and direction honed and perfected. 

AD Rating 8/10

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Release the unexpected: An interview with Blis. // Treble

By: Brian Roesler via Treble Zine

Blis. is the story of perseverance. If there exists a band who can tell you openly about struggle and communicate that same woe and somber victory in their music, it’s Blis. Hailing from Atlanta and originally the solo project of frontman Aaron Gossett,  Blis. later expanded to include Luke Jones on bass and Jimi Ingman on drums. Their introduction was the crisp and punchy four-track EP, Starting Fires in my Parents Housein 2015. Yet with the band’s debut LP, No One Loves You, released in October via Sargent House, Blis. arrives fully formed as a complex and powerful unit.


Blis. // Washed Up Emo Podcast

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Today we welcome Aaron Gossett and Luke Jones from the band Blis. Go check out their new album “No One Loves You” on Sargent House. It’s…



No One Loves You is one of the strongest debut albums of the year, with an incredible narrative here that propels and defines a dreamy soundscape of oppressive crunch and beautiful serenity.” – Treble Zine

Formed in the same Atlanta scene that birthed acts such as Microwave, Blis. is an extension of similar cultural and spiritual conflicts that have grown to define the southern indie/emo scene. Originally a solo act of frontman Aaron Gossett, Blis. has grown in scope and sonic fidelity in a short period of time, with personal events such as the birth of Gossett’s son and a deep familial conflict informing the construction of debut album No One Loves You. This is an album produced from the rigors of life.


My first memory of Blis. is from the front porch of an Edgewood house show. I remember it was a frigid winter night, and while I can recall being impressed by the fledgling band, little did I suspect the impact they would come to have on the Atlanta scene. Since forming in 2011, the group has grown into a wondrous, pummeling force of atmospheric beauty, tumultuous guitars, and latent sadness. Frontman Aaron Gossett has emerged as a complex and conflicted songwriter, generously offering listeners a candid peek into his volatile world. Life isn’t something that comes easy in his eyes; Gossett’s hardships and struggles only motivate his perseverance to record and make new music—a kind of lifelong creative therapeutic session. 

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'No One Loves You' review // Mass Appeal

Emo music has a knack for synonymy. Twinkly guitars, lyrics of heartbreak and friendships lost, the sing-shout choruses that invite audience participation; the DIY-scene is saturated in the same ideas and trends that feel overused and commonplace for a fifth of the acts who annually play FEST. It takes a distinct band to craft an exciting record that builds off of insecurities and anxiety in a way that feels relatable, exciting and explosive. 

And that’s truly what Atlanta’s Blis. has shown us on their debut LP, No One Loves You. Mixing emo with elements of shoegaze, indie rock, pop punk, and post-hardcore, Blis. has created a soundscape of the exciting bits of rock music without sticking to one subgenre too dearly. They’ve broadened their scope since debuting onto the scene with the fantastic four-track EP Starting Fires In My Parents House, crafting a balanced debut album that stands as an impressive feat and influenced by acts as Pedro the Lion and Nine Inch Nails. This isn’t so much an awesome emo album for 2017 as much it is an amazing Blis. record. 

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