MTV IGGY: Boris Live Videos and Interview with Atsuo

A trip through Boris’ catalog will have you drowning in fuzz-laden drone one minute, and floating on a buttery smooth beat the next. Known for unpredictability in all aspects of their art, the experimental rock band from Japan is altogether bizarre, fearless and wholly satisfying.  Visually, too, Boris is peculiar. Guitarist Wata’s small frame contrasts with the massive voice of her instrument, which she commands with grace amidst the heavy attack of distortion. Drummer Atsuo is an animated vision behind the kit. And singer/bassist/rhythm guitarist Takeshi lends his pipes as he stands with his signature double neck bass and six-string guitar in one, harnessing the trio’s energy and channeling it into an oftentimes baffled crowd. This is a Boris show – and there’s absolutely nothing else like it.

Let’s not forget Boris’s tendency to confuse the very people who worship them. In 2011, they released Heavy Rocks, an album of the same name as one they’d released nine years prior. In tandem with the release of the new Heavy Rocks, they dropped Attention Please, on which Wata unexpectedly took over vocal duties. Boris keep listeners on their toes, which is one of the many reasons why the band has attracted and held an international cult following throughout their long history together.

Atsuo recently gave us a glimpse into his creative headspace as he answered our questions about the writing and recording process, the importance of vinyl and riding the fine line between music and chaos.

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