Dylan Carlson interviewed by Tone Madison


The music that guitarist Dylan Carlson has been making with his project Earth in the past 10 years would stand up formidably by itself, even without Earth’s early-1990s forays into furious, abstracted sludge. Carlson’s more recent work keeps some of…


Staf Magazine interviews Earth

The connoisseurs crown Earth the pioneers of drone. The truth is that since they started their path back in 1990, this band has been forging an unique and one-of-a-kind style, impossible to embed in any genre. Dylan Carlson was a


Earth adds new shows

Earth will be playing two new shows with support from ManDate after their performance in Portland, OR -- see a full list of performances below. Tickets and show info are available on their website:

Jun 13 - Birmingham, UK

The Skinny Feature

“I remember hearing Earth 2 around the time of release, and just thinking, ‘What the fuck is this?’ I had no idea,” crackles Kevin Martin’s voice across the internet, still thick with a Dorset accent that’s survived years living in…