Earth adds new shows

Earth will be playing two new shows with support from ManDate after their performance in Portland, OR -- see a full list of performances below. Tickets and show info are available on their website:

Jun 13 - Birmingham, UK

The Skinny Feature

“I remember hearing Earth 2 around the time of release, and just thinking, ‘What the fuck is this?’ I had no idea,” crackles Kevin Martin’s voice across the internet, still thick with a Dorset accent that’s survived years living in…


The Throwaway Project: Earth

Following their epic concert at Kortrijk's De Kreun last month, we managed to slip one of our throwaway cameras in the pocket of Earth's tour manager who at the time was busy manning the band's merchandising table. After whispering a…

Earth joins Sargent House roster

Earth are happy to announce they have joined the Sargent House roster for management. Dylan R. Carlson solo projects will also now be managed by Cathy Pellow of Sargent House and Sargent House Europe.