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Emma Ruth Rundle + Jaye Jayle // Passos Manuel, Porto (PT)

The city of Porto, Portugal, has had the pleasure of having Emma Ruth Rundle’s presence on its stages a few times already in the past years. Her previous gig had been an intimate one-woman show, which is justifiable considering her repertoire up to that point. However, when one considers the sonics of her stunning latest album On Dark Horses, the choice of turning her act into a 4-piece ensemble not only makes perfect sense, but it is also utterly necessary to properly immerse the audience in the experience. And oh, were we immersed…


Emma Ruth Rundle Interview // Rock'n'Roll Journalist

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“Dark” singer-songwriter is a term which deserves an official registration based on the modern wave of talented female artists. Next to Chelsea Wolfe, there is also Emma Ruth Rundle rapidly building her space on the market. Her captivating voice and an amazing taste for cold melodies are more than addictive. If you look at her list of favorite albums, the magic of her sound suddenly makes more sense. In addition we also spoke about her gear, challenges on a tour and beauties of Prague, which is also on her current European tour schedule on 18th of October.


Emma Ruth Rundle Interview // MusicRadar

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Emma Ruth Rundle is one of those artists with such a deep-seated, personal aesthetic that it runs like a coal-seam throughout all her work, whether that’s jamming with Dylan Carlson, playing in post-rock trio Marriages, or on her darkly ambient solo records.


Emma Ruth Rundle Interview // “On Dark Horses” Out Now

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Emma Ruth Rundle is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and visual artist. Born in Los Angeles, she is now based in Louisville, Kentucky, where she wrote and recorded her latest album, On Dark Horses, out today via Sargent House. Rundle’s latest singles feature the duality which is common throughout much of her work: lyrically, while she is trapped in a “life spent uneasy” in “Fever Dreams,” but on “Darkhorse,” she sees a world where she can “still stand high.” This dynamic is also reflected in the music, where dark, brooding guitars and percussion are both fighting against and propelling the emotion and melody carried by Rundle’s vocals.


Emma Ruth Rundle Shares "Darkhorse" // Consequence Of Sound

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Origins is a recurring new music feature that tasks an artist with dissecting the influences behind their latest track.

On September 14th, Emma Ruth Rundle, the prolific singer/songwriter you may recognize from The Nocturnes, Red Sparowes, and Marriages, will release On Dark Horses, the follow-up to last year’s The Time Between Us EP. Rundle’s previously dropped album opener “Fever Dreams”, and today she shares its follow-up, the thunderingly ominous “Darkhorse”.