Ioanna Gika “Out of Focus” Debut // Track Of The Day on The 405

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Ioanna Gika is a Greek-American singer songwriter that has been floating in the ether for a little while now as a member of IO Echo and playing shows with the likes of DIIV and Deafheaven. She has now been signed to Sargent House for the release of her debut solo album Thalassa, which will come out on April 5th.

Speaking on the inspiration for Thalassa, Ioanna Gika says:
“A series of deaths drew me home to Greece. The city of my childhood memories was in disrepair. I drove past painted swastikas towards burial sites. I said goodbyes and grieved for those I didn’t get to say goodbye to. Thalassa is about going through change that is unwanted yet unstoppable. It is a document of the dread, the adrenaline, and the surrender in the moments when you realize the only way to survive is to brace yourself and go through.”


Brutus Share Live Video for "War" // STEREOGUM

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Drummers are often the most dynamic visual component of any given rock band, but they’re almost never the focal point. This is the disappointing evolutionary result of basic logistical compromises and necessities. Drum kits are complicated and cumbersome structures behind which the human at the helm is obscured from view. They’re set up at the back of the stage and seated low, in the shadow of those musicians whose roles allow them more mobility and thus greater visibility. This is primarily why percussionists are rarely the rock band’s frontperson. Secondarily: It’s hard as hell to play drums while also singing. 


Emma Ruth Rundle Shares "Darkhorse" // Consequence Of Sound

Origins is a recurring new music feature that tasks an artist with dissecting the influences behind their latest track.

On September 14th, Emma Ruth Rundle, the prolific singer/songwriter you may recognize from The Nocturnes, Red Sparowes, and Marriages, will release On Dark Horses, the follow-up to last year’s The Time Between Us EP. Rundle’s previously dropped album opener “Fever Dreams”, and today she shares its follow-up, the thunderingly ominous “Darkhorse”.

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