Lingua Ignota – CALIGULA, Album of the Week // Treble

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There’s no ignoring Kristin Hayter’s voice. She’s not so much a singer as an exorcist, her impassioned and intense, bordering on outright terrifying vocal presence can ably transform from an almost sacred beauty to abject terror in a single song. And hers, to be fair, tend to stretch more on the lengthier side—that Hayter’s compositions as Lingua Ignota take their time to resolve, to let the listener linger in the agony and fear for as long as they do, showcases just how difficult a thing it is that she does.

Interview with Dylan Carlson // Creative Independent

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Dylan Carlson is the guitarist and founder of the band Earth, which specializes in drone-based instrumental music. Since the band’s inception in Seattle in 1990, Carlson has worked with a vast array of collaborators—including such notable musicians as Kurt Cobain, Mark Lanegan, and Joe Preston. His work combines a vast and seemingly disparate array of influences, from heavy metal and Indian devotional music to country and North African trance. He also has a solo project called Drcarlsonalbion.

Deconstruction of Depravity: An interview with Lingua Ignota // Treble

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Kristin Hayter is one of the most fascinating voices in contemporary music today, but most probably wouldn’t recognize her by her real name. She performs and records under the name Lingua Ignota, which is from the German mystic Hildegard of Bingen, meaning “unknown language.” And her work is both fascinating and mind-boggling; from drone to industrial, to doom, classical, and even some gospel-like elements, Hayter explores and combines a vast range of styles into intriguing compositions.