2019 Atlanta Music MVPs

(via Creative Loafing)

BLIS. | Emo-laced indie rock quartet Blis. sounds like they were plucked from the mid-aughts and updated for the modern era. Blis., consisting of Aaron Gossett (vox/guitar), Luke Jones (guitar), Nick Beaty (bass), and Jimi Ingman (drums), employs melancholy vocals, light frantic riffs, and earnest lyricism to create bangers that are both nostalgic and relatable. The same qualities are present in the group’s music videos, which juxtapose polished modern production with retro footage. Their debut record No One Loves You, released via Sargent House, is nothing short of a layered diary entry, undercut with a somber tone that can’t fail to elicit the listener’s empathy. “Sargent House has opened a lot of doors for us,” says Luke Jones, “They’re such a well-respected label, so it feels good to be a part of that roster. It almost doesn’t feel real that we’re deserving of that. So we’re thankful for [the label] giving us that shot.” – Will Cardwell