Brutus "Nest" Top 50 Albums Of 2019 // Stereogum

(Via Stereogum)

The sophomore album from Brutus "Nest" has been selected as number 41 on Stereogum's "Best Albums of 2019" List. Stream the album in full here and purchase a copy on CD or Vinyl here.

Most bands would be lucky to have either a drummer or a singer as viscerally talented as Stefanie Mannaerts. Brutus has both within a single human body. Limbs, lungs, and all, Mannaerts is the elemental force that powers Nest’s 11 tracks. No slouches themselves, her bandmates build out Mannaerts’ bashing and howling into world-swallowing rock songs so pulverizing they couldn’t possibly be pop and so catchy that it doesn’t feel quite right to call them heavy metal. However you categorize it, it’s one of the most exhilarating rock records in a long time. –Chris