Deafheaven, Chelsea Wolfe & Brutus Tracks on Revolver's 25 Best Songs of 2019

17. Brutus - "Cemetery" 

Brutus' 2019 album Nest is full of great songs, but our favorite is "Cemetery," a combative yet progressively beautiful cut that explores the band's commitment to blending aggression and ethereality in fine-tuned harmony. Building massive walls of sound that support the stunning vocals of drummer and singer Stefanie Mannaerts as she flows impeccably from uncompromising shouts to shimmering, lush crooning, the band creates a rich bed of sound in which to disappear and meditate for four glorious minutes.

14. Chelsea Wolfe - "Deranged for Rock & Roll" 

Goth songstress Chelsea Wolfe is, indeed, deranged for rock & roll — thought her insanity takes on a quieter, more subdued form than most rock & roll madness on this 2019 standout. Wolfe delivers her ethereal vocals with a doll-like, subtly maniacal quiver in certain sections before she leans deeper into the woeful atmospherics where her best work lives. Possibly the best cut on her mostly acoustic album Birth of Violence, the song is a gorgeously dark anthem for those, like Wolfe, are possessed by the power of music.

2. Deafheaven - "Black Brick"

Deafheaven may liberally work in moments of overt beauty and shoegaze into their brand of black metal, but it's clear the members all have deep love for the genre's grimmest musical aspects. A leftover cut from the Ordinary Corrupt Human Love sessions, the single "Black Brick" sort of sounds like a mix between their early material and New Bermuda, but taken to a considerably heavier, darker place. Drums thunder while more traditional swarming black-metal riffs back them up, propelling the song ever forward without letting a moment of light leak in.

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