Gear Gods name Mutoid Man in their Top 5 bands in the studio to be stoked about


Mutoid Man

"We’re cheating here a bit since this band just finished basic tracking with Kurt Ballou at God City studios in Salem, Massachusetts, but let’s go ahead and sneak ‘em in. Mutoid Man are just like, a rad band. Their 2013 debut Helium Head – the result of a collaboration between Converge’s drummer, Cave In’s guitarist, and Saint Vitus Bar’s sound dude – kind of came out of nowhere to just like, rock. It also felt too brief, and not just in terms of length, but also in terms of how spontaneous some of the ideas and riffs felt. But now with a bit of touring legs and a little over a year’s distance from their debut, Mutoid Man seem poised to really kick it into high gear this year.” 

Ben Koller also made the following post on Instagram a few weeks back, which is pretty exciting: