Live Review: TTNG, Mylets, and Emma Ruth Rundle at The Echo

Local record label Sargent House is home to many amazing artists and Saturday night at The Echo was a good primer of sorts for the uninitiated. It was the last night of the label tour featuring a strong lineup made up of TTNG, Mylets, and Emma Ruth Rundle.

It was an unusually early show, but the small club was already packed when we got there just in time for Henry Kohen aka Mylets. If you haven’t listened to anything he has done like my dumb ass self before that night, you’re missing out. He executed his well-crafted songs with the help of just a few high tech gear like a bad ass one-man rock band. It was hard not to stare and marvel at the wizardry he was doing on stage. His vocals reminded me of a more cohesive WU LYF (RIP). I’m looking forward to seeing him live again soon. Hank of TTNG joined him onstage briefly to sing along as well. We missed most of Emma Ruth Rundle‘s set because we were doing an interview, but her voice sounded angelic from where we were. We’ll have to make up for this.

Soon enough, the charming and down to earth TTNG took the stage and spread the feeling of good vibes throughout the room. They faced several technical difficulties and as guitarist Tim would later remark, anything that could possibly break broke during the set, but they pulled through strongly. Except for some downtime wherein Hank joked that Tim had to check his email first (or Tinder according to some hecklers), the technical errors were barely noticeable. Maybe it was because of how good they sounded or how funny Hank was. Either way, the problems seemed very minor.

They played a long, solid set featuring several songs from their latest release, the oldie but goodie “Wanna come back to my room and listen to some Belle and Sebastian?”, and fitting set closer “If I Sit Still Maybe I’ll Get Out Of Here”. They also played a lot of still-untitled songs that will (probably) be released with their yet to be recorded new album. Henry of Mylets jumped in several times to lend a hand and Emma Ruth Rundle also helped with a faulty cable at one point. It was truly a family affair and the camaraderie the group has formed was actually really sweet. Plenty of hugs were exchanged.

Each member of the three-piece band displayed undeniable skill and you have to wonder if any of them have carpal tunnel by now. (I mean, I hope they don’t. But the stuff they do with their hands is incredible!) The tour is sadly over so if you missed it, then you’ll have to wait ’til next year. I know I will be.