Mutoid Man, Deafheaven & King Woman: 50 Best American Metal Bands from 2010s // Kerrang!


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Mutoid Man, Deafheaven & King Woman all featured!


While a band like Bloody Hammers focuses on the woodsy goth of the East Coast, King Woman is all about the yawning goth of California. Both the north and south of the state are represented in the band’s music — the clammy, overcast experimental side of their hometown San Francisco, but also ample doses of Los Angeles’s sun-razed wasteland. The perfect band for a long drive heading to something sinister.


Though polarizing to say the least, San Franciscan black metallers Deafheaven have left an undeniable footprint on modern metal. While their 2011 debut Roads To Judah got them noticed, it was 2013’s gigantic Sunbather that earned them their legacy. The group took the raw energy of black metal and combined it with the beautiful crescendos and atmosphere found in post rock and shoegaze, creating a record that could only be properly described as a nightmare disguised as a dream. Love or hate them, you can’t deny the massive impact this band has had on metal as a whole.


Brooklyn supergroup Mutoid Man have done something many metal fans might have considered unlikely: they’ve made speed metal important. Rather than fall back on traditional anthems about breaking laws and chasing strange, the trio pen delicious, riveting tunes about addiction, depression, and keeping your head together. 2017’s War Moans proved to us that a band can be traditional and ridiculous while grabbing us by the heartstrings.