Westlake & Evergreen books by George L. Clarke of Deafheaven

It is an honor for us to announce that we are publishing the first two books written and photographed by George L. Clarke of Deafheaven

Westlake and Evergreen are stories dealing with identity, aloneness, fear and the idea of willful anonymity in which characters are purposefully a mystery to themselves and others. Inspired by The Sweet Flypaper of Life by Langston Hughes and Ray DeCarava, I aim to guide and contextualize these stories with photography. I have also added in bits of prose, dh related lyrics, etc. 
Each is 80 pages. I made a few and they’ll be signed and mailed out when I’m back from tour mid October. 
Thank you to Chelsea, Nick, and Cathy for their help with this. “ - George L. Clarke 

Limited edition, signed copies are only available to pre order here: 

Design by Nick Steinhardt