NME has Mylets on their RADAR

Mylets is featured in the new NME Magazine as a newcomer to watch out for in their radar feature. On newstands now, the issue with Noel Gallagher on the cover.

Don’t miss Mylets on tour, he will be playing three…


Sargent House teams with ArcTangent Festival with 5 bands to play August 2015

ArcTanGent’s latest line up announcement has been hand-picked from the Sargent House label and management roster including Deafheaven, Mylets, Helms Alee, Marriages and Emma Ruth Rundle making a total of 5 bands from them so far for this year. Last year Sargent House had Russian Circles, And So I Watch You From Afar, TTNG, No Spill Blood and Mylets all play.

Deafheaven (Saturday) join The Dillinger Escape Plan (Friday) and 65daysofstatic (Thursday) as headliners of Bristol’s incredibly popular ArcTanGent Festival.

Cathy Pellow from Sargent House said: “We had a really great time at ArcTanGent Festival last year and this year we’ll be coming over from America again this year en masse. It’s really great to have a festival that brings together all these different types of alternative, left field music fan in one place – we all just feel so at home with that crowd. So wherever you live in the world we’ll see you for a big old party in the UK in August!” 


Brian Cook talks to Mutoid Man for The Stranger - Seattle show 3/4

While Beck was subjected to the most high-profile criticism regarding the legitimacy of 2015’s Grammy winners, there was a large contingent of armchair Kanyes who were even more irate over the best metal performance award going to rock lampooners Tenacious D. Heavy metal is serious business, so why would a comedy duo deserve to win over luminaries like Motörhead, Mastodon, and Anthrax? Granted, most metal fans would concede that their favorite bands can veer into dubiously campy realms, but there is a hard line between theatrics and irony. Theatrics are at the heart of metal; irony is for suckers. But some heavy bands manage to find a self-aware middle ground where they can acknowledge the absurdity of metal while still taking the music seriously. Cheeky heavyweights like Torche and Big Business may not be overtly menacing, yet they seem far more earnest than the legions of longhairs with spiked gauntlets and witchy motifs. We need more Fucking Champs, less Steel Panthers.


No Spill Blood stream "Harsh Route" via SPIN

Dublin trio No Spill Blood takes their name from the same H.G. Wells passage as Devo, and their press release even describes their shared love of “smarmy synths.” That’s about where the similarities end between the two. In their most…