Guitar Moderne Feature Spotlight / Interview with: Nick Reinhart

Hybrid descriptions of music are often a lazy way to avoid digging deep into a band’s musical qualities and, as often, inaccurate. But to call the music of Tera Melos’ Punk/Prog/Math/Metal/Ambient/Noise is necessary to cover all the ingredients of the band’s cut and paste style. What makes this ADD pastiche work where others fail is the depth of Nick Reinhart’s technique. His seemingly limitless command over both his guitar and the array of pedals at his feet, combined with the bloodletting energy he brings to the stage, make every musical digression compelling. I first met the man described as “Nels Cline’s younger punk rock brother” at the Earthquaker booth at NAMM, improvising up a storm, and finally got him to talk to Guitar Moderne.

Helms Alee Tour starts Tonight in BC // Interview with Ben Verellen

Helms Alee begin their tour on Friday, 1/16 in Victoria, BC - they will be joined by Marriages on all shows starting on 1/21 in Ventura, CA - see ALL Helms Alee show details HERE.

There’s a case to be made that Helms Alee’s third and latest album, Sleepwalking Sailors, might not be the best calling card for singer-guitarist Ben Verellen.

When he’s not on tour with the Seattle-based metal alchemists, the Tacoma-born musician runs his own business, building Verellen Amplifiers. Naturally, those amps are used by Helms Alee, which also includes bassist Dana James and drummer Hozoji Margullis. What’s interesting is the way that, at various points on Sleepwalking Sailors, one is left wondering what kind of hopelessly trashed gear Helms Alee is using.