Substream premieres Real Feels video session for “Better Of Me”

WARNING: This post is one of, if not the very last opportunity to climb aboard the Empty Houses bandwagon before the band crosses over into the mainstream. If you want those oh so sweet bragging rights that come from being ahead of the pop music curve, this is the time to stake your claim and support this incredibly awesome band.

Empty Houses just released their debut album, Daydream, earlier this month through Sargent House Records, but anyone familiar with the band has no doubt been hyping their intoxicating blend of throwback pop and modern indie sensibilities since the group’s first EP surfaced online in mid-2015. The band’s approach to songwriting has ushered in a renewed interest in a style of music that was first made popular when Motown was topping the charts and people still understood the fun that could be had at a Sadie Hawkins dance. We’ve been obsessed with the group for months now, but it wasn’t until the last week that we were able to partner with them to share something truly amazing.

Today we are thrilled to present the world premiere of a video that finds Empty Houses performing their Daydream cut “Better Of Me” for Real Feels TV. The clip, which was filmed in Michigan in recent weeks, perfectly captures the group’s fun and unique take on a very familiar style of music, as well as the awesome vocal talents of frontwoman Ali Shea. You can view the video HERE.

Exclaim premieres new Empty Houses track “Rope”



Detroit pop-rock trio Empty Houses are set to drop their debut album Daydream on June 10 via Sargent House, but before it officially arrives, the genre- and era-jumping outfit has shared their sweltering new single “Rope.”

The track is a reverb-washed blues romp, featuring rollicking guitars and pounding drums. Singer Ali Shea is particularly striking, proclaiming her devotion to a troubled relationship with her fiery lead vocals. These elements combine to recall five decades of Detroit music, drawing influence from the sweetly soulful sounds of Motown to the explosive blues of Jack White’s projects.

Speaking of the track, Empty Houses’ Adam Mercer had this to say:

This song came together faster than any song on the record. The verse riff, chorus and bridge were all there, and it only took us a few minutes to identify each as their respective part and structure them. Once the music was done, the general theme of the song came to us based on how it sounded, and the lyrics were written in one night. Once we put percussion on it in the studio it became one of our favourites.  

Hear the current-day culmination of the city’s musical history by checking out “Rope” in the player below. You can pre-order the album here or here.

Billboard premieres new track “Daydream”

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Empty Houses “Writing At The Farm”

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