Noisey debuts new track "El Duurto"

Fact: the world needs more Killing Joke, and the world needs more bands to realize that the world needs more Killing Joke. No Spill Blood takes Six Finger Satellite and the spazzy noise of Arab of Radar and puts it…


Belfast Live Show Review

…”We’re here for two bands affiliated with Sargent House, the first of which is Dublin’s No Spill Blood. At least, it’s two-thirds of No Spill Blood, because drummer Lar Kaye is absent, replaced  by Ror Conaty of Veroa and…


No Spill Blood to play France Dates

Just out of the studio and finished tracking their upcoming debut album, No Spill Blood will be testing out their new set with a handful of shows in France in April. The eagerly awaited follow up to their their debut…


Under Cover: An Interview with Sonny Kay the artist behind Street Meat's album cover

In the first of our regular features on the importance of  cover artwork, Loreana Rushe talks to L.A based visual artist Sonny Kay about the work he did on Street Meat by No Spill Blood and gains some insight into his creative process and inspirations.

Hi Sonny. Tell us about this cover.

It’s a digital collage created in Photoshop from photos I found online as well as some textures I made on paper with india ink and water, which I then scanned.

Can you describe the process? 

I began with the frame since I knew I wanted something that felt in some ways like a mandala, radiating out from the center. The other images were layered-in using Photoshop, some filters were applied here and there, and a lot of experimenting was done with transparency and muting certain color channels. It was all basically trial-and-error.

What inspired the artwork for this record? 

The book cover the band sent me (HP Lovecraft) coupled with my own interpretation of the music and the vague concept of “street meat”. It sounded like slang for some kind of drug, which led to the idea of a kind of psychedelic meat snack, like beef jerky or something crossed with LSD. I was inspired to try and portray the moment when the hallucinations begin, hence the mandala and the kind of geometric quality.


Echoes And Dust live show Review

Things to do before you die part 1, catch Dublin’s No Spill Blood playing live. Part 2 would be make sure you hear their debut e.p Street Meat. They made their Belfast debut last year and I didn’t make it then, managing to avoid the grim reaper I ventured out to see them in Bar Sub at Queen’s Union supporting fellow Sargent House rockers Fang Island. Street Meat has been on repeat play since I first heard it and to watch the band recreate every nuance of its incredible forceful and brutal sound was a joyous experience. Not every day you see brutal and joyous in the same sentence, that’s what No Spill Blood make you do, they’re utterly unique.

Featuring Matt Hedigan on Bass/Vocals, Ruadhan O’Meara on effects (I do not know the exact instrumentation he was playing) and the supremely talented and ridiculously moustachioed Lar Kaye on drums, these 3 guys give their absolute all in the quest to kill off what hearing I have left. Opening with the vicious ‘No Retreat’ initial attention is focused on Matt, a huge and hirsute man who twists out sinewy bass lines while bellowing blood curdling howls, the lyrics indecipherable. With the greatest respect, he looks like the sort of chap you wouldn’t want to be meeting down a dark alley. Probably a thoroughly decent bloke.