Nathan Latona w/ Pedals And Effects

Happy new year! Another holiday gift to you from Pedals And Effects, are the final installments of our series with pedal enthusiast and bass player extraordinaire Nathan Latona.

In the fourth installment of our series with Nathan, we go over to the dirt and modulation side of his pedal board. Nathan’s rocking some of my favorite pedals like the BOSS PN-2 Tremolo/Pan and the Digitech PDS 50/50, it was really interesting to see how we have different approaches to the same pedal. Nick and Nathan also talk about their experience being approached by companies as well as other anecdotes from their long history playing together in Tera Melos. I love listening to these dudes talk!

In the fifth and final installment, we just let Nathan rip! We see first hand how Nathan comes up with some new sounds and navigates the craziness that is his board.

It was such a pleasure having Nathan share some of his time for Pedals And Effects. We really loved seeing and hearing about his unique approach and take on effects, and we hop

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