'Burst' Review // Invicta Magazine

Brutus are a powerhouse trio hailing from Belgium releasing their debut album ‘Burst‘ via Hassle Records. This eleven track album has a great organic sound to it, filled with melodies, big choruses and blistering drums to give a unique punk sound you won’t find anywhere else. Stefanie’s vocals have an almost haunted feel to them that deliver great atmospherics which blend perfectly with the instrumentals giving them their own sound and setting them apart from other bands in this genre. 

Band members Stefanie, Peter and Stijn recorded their debut album ‘Burst‘ in Vancouver, Canada in April 2016 with Jesse Gander, who also produced bands such as 3 Inches of Blood and Comeback Kid. Stefanieexplains. “The time in Canada, living together and working in the studio, was refreshing, inspiring, healing and confronting at the same time – some rehearsals ended with a fight after 10 minutes, and some songs took 10 weeks to finish.” In all I’d say they done a good job on the album and seized the essence of what Brutus are about. 

The band bring a real energy to life in their songs which has been captured to give that live feel to the album. We really liked the opening track ‘March‘ which pulls you in with its striking guitar licks before ascending into a Muse type riff and descending back to the melodic. For us the drums really stand out on this album especially on tracks such as ‘Child‘ and is incredible that Stefanie does vocal and drumming duties, this would be quite something to witness in a live setting. We enjoyed the album and would definitely recommend it to fans of punk rock and listeners looking for something new and unique in that genre. 

‘Burst‘ is due out 24th February and will be available on iTunes. You can catch Brutus touring Europe and will be hitting the UK in March and April.