In 2011 Emma Ruth Rundle started her solo career by releasing Electric Guitar One, a gorgeous instrumental album full of textures, drones, and melodies that breakthrough, repeat and fade back into the drone, and today she has announced the second installment of the series in EG2: Dowsing Voice. Available May 13th via Sargent House today, you can hear the first track: “Imbolc Dawn Atop Ynys Wydryn. Ice Melts as the First Resplendent Rays of Spring Pour Over the Horizon.” Almost like the soundtrack to a film that was never made, EG 2 follows her on a trip to the Welsh coast and down a magical well into the waters of nature, myth and the Old Golds - by way of her improvised music. The 40 plus minute album was sewn together from recordings channeled during her month-long solo journey in the early days of 2020 and completed before 2021’s critically lauded album Engine of Hell was even written. 

Electric Guitar One is how director Riley Stearns discovered Rundle, who later brought her on board to score his upcoming movie Dual which hits theaters next Friday, April 15th. The Soundtrack to the film will be released by Sargent House later this year. More info to come. 

Unlike Electric Guitar One, EG2: Dowsing Voice features vocal improvisation, unconventional singing, and extended vocal techniques free from lyrics - like the throat singing on “In the Cave…” which is meant to be the voices of crones gathering in a rhythmic and physical ritual. Rundle was led to these voices by unseen forces along with the immense impact of the Welsh water: ocean, rivers, springs and wells that gave the album its extended title Dowsing Voice. While there is some focus on vocal and story here, her textural and even bombastic guitar improvisations are featured throughout the album 

EG2: Dowsing Voice will be available only via physical vinyl release and Bandcamp download.  The vinyl is accompanied by a massive body of visual artwork Rundle created in her studio upon returning to the states in an attempt to further flesh out the world and beings she encountered in the landscapes and music during her trip to Wales. The blood self-portrait on the cover is from this series and is meant to capture the moment after rebirth. For Rundle, the Electric Guitar series will always be about inspired, unplanned moments like this at its core. 

Order the vinyl/book only at emmaruthrundle.com