Emma Ruth Rundle in conversation with Mizmor // Metal Hammer

(via Metal Hammer)

Emma Ruth Rundle and A.L.N. – the man behind black metal act Mizmor – took a hike to discuss life, religion and art, while picking apart Mizmor's new album one lyric at a time

Darkwave, darksynth, deathgospel... whatever tag has been and could be placed upon the shoulders of sober songstress Emma Ruth Rundle one thing is for certain, us metalheads just can't get enough of her – and she can't get enough of metal either. 

So being a self-proclaimed metalhead herself, she recently took a hike with friend, ALN – the brain behind Portland-based one-man black metal outfit, Mizmor –  to discuss his new album, Cairn, religion, and more, and gave Metal Hammer exclusive access to their incredible conversation. 

Stream Mizmor's fantastic new album Cairn (out via Gilead Media on Sept 6) in full on page three, and enjoy being privy to a deeply personal conversation between two incredible modern artists. 


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