Indian Handcrafts featured in The Quietus' Metal In Review 2012

Indian Handcrafts
Civil Disobedience For Losers

(Sargent House)

Y’know when you’re sat there late at night watching The Wartime Farm or a very old episode of Columbo in the sign zone, does anyone else get the distinct impression that the person doing the signing is sometimes taking the piss as they’re signing the dialogue? Noticed that one guy who seems to do a sarcastic face every time Columbo mentions his wife, yeah? Either I’m cracking up or the dude is just getting some fun out of his otherwise serious occupation. I get exactly the same feeling, in a good way, with Indian Handcrafts. A power-duo in the most hellacious and heavy sense of the word; although overflowing with sun-grazed yet sludgy riffs that sit somewhere between Tweak Bird, Torche and Death From Above 1979 at their driving best, there’s a lingering air of pure, unashamed fun and knowing ridiculousness at its core – they might be laughing at a joke we don’t get, but who gives a shit when it at no moment compromises the quality of the songs.


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