It is quite incredible to see a duo in rock music. Unlike the trio or the quartet, the duo must...

It is quite incredible to see a duo in rock music. Unlike the trio or the quartet, the duo must overcome many of the noise related obstacles that don’t apply to most other rockers. It is especially incredible to see a band like Canada’s Indian Handcrafts practically pierce through the sound barrier like a battering ram despite their musical handicap.

The dynamic duo released their debut album in 2012, the stardust infused, rock titan Civil Disobedience For Losers, a record that shimmers with cosmic delights throughout whilst still delivering the slow, heavy blows synonymous with the stoner rock scene. The group added to that phenomenal collection of songs just last year with the equally impressive Creeps, an album that portrays a darker and gloomier side of the band but delivers an ultimately more mature and considered approach in the process. On both attempts their enthusiasm is infectious.

The band play with reckless abandon on songs like the speeding bullet ‘Bruce Lee’ or the howling horror show ‘Zombies’ whilst still applying smart songwriting knowledge and mind crawling hooks, creating a musical amalgamation befitting of their lofty space odyssey ethos. They particularly display their vast arsenal of sonic capabilities on album highlights like the shanty loving, foot stomper ‘Down At The Docks’ off of Creeps or the Sabbath-esque, space explorer ‘Starcraft’ from their debut album, that really show just how multi-faceted this time travelling pair are.

Combine this with their humorous B movie lyrical references and their unique duo-exclusive craftsmanship and you get a band that are currently making some of the most fun, exciting and simply out of this world music in all of rock.

Key Tracks: Bruce Lee, Starcraft, Coming Home, Down At The Docks, It’s Late Queeny

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