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Indian Handcrafts is a two-piece dynamo from Canada. They consist of a guitarist and a drummer, both of whom sing, playing off one another vocally like a sonic game of ping pong being rallied in a black hole. They both play their instruments like masters and while watching them I was nudged into believing that they may very well be classically trained, both in the way they handle their instruments and the way they manipulated their windpipes. It was a serious thing to witness and their record Civil Disobedience for Losers, has been on constant rotation in our house ever since. Each time I listen to it I am met with something I didn’t notice the last time; their music is so layered and masterfully written, like a good story with the ending leading us back to the beginning.

Candice and I have been careful lately to see opening bands, because there have been many-a time when they end up being one of our favorite acts of the night. Tonight’s opening band in particular was not to be missed because, as Candice was careful to note, they are on Sargent House , the incredible talent-laden record label that offers such magnanimous acts as And So I Watch You From Afar and Russian Circles. Candice was quick to take note of this label’s signing policy: rooting out all things amazing that may remain hidden in the world of music and exposing them to the fortunate masses. And I have since joined her in making sure we don’t miss anything from them that comes to town, because it’s unexceptionally infused with amazingness.

This is sort of band that leads me to scoff at anyone who claims that good music isn’t being written or played anymore and I feel blessed to live in a city that hasn’t a single arena-rock platform (yet), leaving all shows in the grasp of the more modest and hands-on types of rockers. I can say with surety that Indian Handcrafts, were they born in the Victorian Era, would be swooning any aficionados right on out of their pompous dungarees.

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Live from Slim’s - San Francisco, CA - November 30, 2013

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