Montreal's SPREAD Magazine features new Indian Handcrafts video for Bruce Lee



A chorus of gyrating nudists lead the charge as we dive headfirst into Indian Handcrafts‘ last album “Civil Disobedience for Losers”. But this is only two guys? The sporadic funk of this album bleeds into the room as you are instantly transfused into the stale air of the studio. You can smell the folded beer caps. These are creative beings returning to earth at very angry speeds with the fury, the funk and the riffs crash-landing hard.

Bruce Lee‘s new video features a dialogue between rivals in the language of nunchaku, 70′s aesthetic and kung-fu mastery! Pay homage to the masters and Spread it.

Equal parts beer and LSD, Civil Disobedience For Losers, released last year, holds a piece of your soul in escrow on this anti-placating road-trip. The alien imagery strewn throughout makes perfect sense in the context of the goddamned MESSAGE of these riffs. The cocktail of motifs in this album somehow have been heading towards each other through uncondensed pure idea only to collide perfectly in this release. Bruce Lee, kill-the-clutch-riffs and rustic rudimentary psychedelic dirt play at home here together in your mind. Indian Handcrafts are the travelling landscape, filling us as listeners with speeds that warm our bodies flush as the rush is superimposed into our skulls.

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