Verbicide Album Review


Canadian hard rock duo Indian Handcrafts take a whirlwind of sonic goodness and meld it into a rock-solid collection of hard and heavy tracks that will melt speaker wires and headphones into puddles of electronic goo. The whole sound is a tour de force of shredded riffs pulled out of ’90s grunge with electronic influences from Death from Above and Prodigy, to modern metal like The Dillinger Escape Plan and the Melvins (whose drummers make guest appearances on the album). The end result is the best piece of hard rock to come along in years.

This album is unequivocally loud — but aside from the overwhelming volume, each track is a masterful piece of work. “The Jerk” is the one track where everything falls into place, with the loudness melding into a great song construction and the catchiest chorus ever recorded on a metal record. Now, this is the point in a review where I try to find a flaw in an album to make it not seem like it’s the greatest thing to be recorded since Thomas Edison shouted “Mary Had a Little Lamb” into a wax cylinder. But Civil Disobedience for Losers is incredibly good — it’s tough to find any significant faults.  reviewed by Garrett Lyons

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