An Essay by Ioanna Gika // The Creative Independent

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“The following piece is in the style of Joe Brainard’s “I Remember” or Ito Naga’s “Je sais,” but I have added a female voice to the conversation and format. Each sentence begins with “I know” and it centers mainly on what I have learned in the music industry, while also touching on other topics that are important to me.”

I know what the first song was that I played in my headphones when I was in the van embarking on my first tour.

I know that as I listened to the song, the sun was shining on my face through the van window. I could see windmill turbines in the distance like futuristic aunts.

I know that I got heckled by a man saying “go back to your country.”

I know that my family has lived in Greece, throughout Southeast Asia, throughout North America, and as a result of living in different places and of touring, my definition of home is not defined by houses.

I know that I don’t assign stupid genre terms to my own music and that most musicians don’t, but people will seek to do that anyway.