Marriages & Creepoid @ Los Globos // Live Photos + Review

As part of a special Part Time Punks, LA dark-rockers Marriages and Philly’s grunge-gazers Creepoid destroyed the Los Globos downstairs with a pair of blistering sets.

When we caught Marriages back in July, it was in broad daylight. We told ourselves that the next time would have to be in the dark of a club because their sound is meant for it. This time around at Los Globos, the trio eschewed the stage for the floor setting up their gear facing each other at three points in a triangular fashion, appearing almost ritualistic. With the stage lights removed, all that lit up the main space were two work lamps laying on the floor between equipment. Wasting no time, Emma Ruth Rundle’s gloomy guitar quickly bursted throughout the room. Amidst sharp, searing riffs cutting through her haunting vocals was bassist Greg Burns’ fuzzed reverb frenzy and drummer Andrew Clinco’s heavy beat. Seeing them play songs from their new album Salome (Sargent House)—a dark, post-rock gem released this spring—it was as if a new dark expanse had opened up and swallowed us whole.

photos by James Juarez

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