Marriages Live Show Review


Like the bands before them, Marriages delivered a heavy, hearty, loud set. Unlike the bands before them, I could actually hear everything that Marriages had to offer—from the reverberating bass lines to the deep, tom-tom heavy drum grooves, to the high screams of the guitar and vocals. Everything fit together perfectly, and when the group started to mess around with their tempo mid song, I was amazed that everyone kept together so well. The drummer, especially, was on top of the transitions, and added a number of impressive fills right where they needed to be. Each song boasted a diverse array of sections, and catchy kicks between each section kept the crowd hungry for more and more. Even though their set was over an hour, I couldn’t help but want more too at the end.

I had heard to expect a killer live performance from Marriages, and that’s exactly what I got. When they come back, I’ll certainly be there, and since I overheard the lead talking about how much she liked playing at Kilby, I expect Salt Lake will not have to wait long before seeing this Los Angeles trio again. Stay tuned, and check out their 2015 release Salome on their website!

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