Kristina Esfandiari (Miserable / King Woman) Interview // CVLT NATION

Full interview via CVLT NATION

Since we first met years ago, you’ve lived in the Bay, New York and now LA. Does long distance relocating tend to boost your creativity or crush it?

I suppose I’d say it does both. You have to start over when you move, that can be distracting. Establishing yourself in a new city takes time. On the other hand, I wrote some of my favorite songs while feeling very isolated in NYC.

We all know touring can be mentally exhausting, and in my own experience kind of discouraging at times. How do you reset when you’ve still got a ways to go and times are tough?

If I have time I try to find a park or take a walk. Breathing exercises help. Touring isn’t for everyone. Most people have no idea how taxing it can be on the body and mind.

What would you say is the most played track in the van on a tour with Kristina?

Teengirl Fantasy – Dancing in Slow Motion

Miserable and King Woman are obviously very different – is there a certain headspace you have to be in to perform each one, or does it all flow the same?

I have to mentally prepare a little bit more for King Woman. It’s hard on my body and voice.

What was the last album that really blew you away?

Frank Ocean – Blonde, anything by Yves Tumor, all of the Spiritual Cramp tracks ever released.

Do you remember your first show? And were you sold immediately or did someone convince you to come a few times before it clicked?

I always wanted to be on a stage, so I’d go to shows and watch people perform and wish I wasn’t so shy so I could do it too.

I think my favorite Miserable song is “Orchid” – do you have a favorite or is it too hard to say?

“Violet” is my favorite song.

Do you have a favorite venue to play?

Starline Social Club And Eli’s in Oakland.

Sometimes I like to think about where I’d be if I was never introduced to punk music. Where do you think you would be right now without all this?

Can’t say I’d have much to live for.

What’s the next instrument you would want to learn if you didn’t have to buy it?


Miserable will be on tour with FEARING (US) and DEATH BELLS (AU) starting Wednesday, August 1st.