Mutoid Man’s initial aspirations were fairly humble. Guitarist Stephen Brodsky (Cave In) and drummer Ben Koller (Converge) wanted to bask in their love of frantic, ferocious, no-frills metal. No riff was deemed too extreme, no drum pattern was considered too absurd. Over the course of extensive touring on their debut album 'Bleeder' (2015), the band’s live shows became exercises in showmanship, with the requisite headbanger gymnastics morphing into Van Halen-esque panache and hardcore-basement- show prankery. On their latest album 'War Moans' (2017), the band’s stage one-upmanship carries over to their songcraft, yielding an album of ridiculously savage hooks and next-level dexterity. In 2021, new bassist Jeff Matz (High on Fire) joined the band.

Mutoid Man's Stephen Brodsky, Ben Koller and Jeff Matz are currently recording their new album at God City Music Studios with Kurt Ballou. It will be released via Sargent House in 2022.

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Photo Yvonne Jukes

Photo Yvonne Jukes