GigSoup UK: Mylets Honeypot


Before you listen to today’s GIGsoup Track of the Day i’d like to point out a few things. First of all ‘Mylets’ is in fact a moniker for Henry Kohen. This talented young man takes on the roles of several musicians at once. Using multiple guitar pedals that line the stage, Kohen also sings and lays down guitar loops while simultaneously tapping out beats on a drum machine. There are NO other musicians when you see this guy live.

When you listen to the track, below remember that information.

Now consider this fact. Henry Kohen is 20 years old. Yes, 20! The maturity in ‘Mylets’ latest single ‘Honeypot’ is beyond his years. This is mixed-genre and edgy, and simply fucking glorious. The confidence Kohen possesses to produce a track of this quality must be off the chart.

The good news is that theres an album on its way as well. ‘Arizona’ has been given a 20th April release date, via Sargent House.

Mylets first came to Sargent House’s attention with a series of self-released solo EPs, much of which were remastered and compiled on the label’s 2013 release Retcon. Around that time, Kohen relocated from Columbus, Indiana to Los Angeles, residing at the artist-friendly Sargent House all the while working intensively on prepping Arizona material for the studio.

In the interim, Mylets also toured extensively on different continents with And So I Watch You From Afar, TTNG and Emma Ruth Rundle. “Because of the range of time spent writing, it was very important for me to capture the concepts of creative and personal growth within the songs on the record,” Kohen says. “I recorded the album twice under very different circumstances in 2014 and on the second round of studio time, I left with a product that I felt was as true of a representation of what was initially in my head as I could have created.”

See Mylets dates here as he goes on tour in Europe with And So  I Watch You From Afar

Pre-order Arizona here.