Orlando Weekly Live Review


Mylets is currently on the SH Fall Tour with TTNG & Emma Ruth Rundle - See All Tour Details here

Earlier, I popped in on this year’s fall edition of the consistently good Sargent House label tour at (Backbooth) to see one-man loop architect Mylets throw some sparks. With live construction that’s deadly efficient and jaw-droppingly elaborate, this Midwesterner is one of the most purposeful and artistic loopers around.

Usually, the visual spectacle of the gimmick affords much amnesty in actual music quality but Mylets’ math-punk spirit-rock is a technical jubilation that’s only made more astounding by the fact that it’s executed by a single player. He may use technology, but what he does in handling his devices with the precision of a turntablist and attacking his guitar math like a shredder is completely and fiercely live.