Boris "Memento Mori" Premiere // Pitchfork

Unafraid to splatter vibrant hues amidst the bleakness of their song, Borishave proven to be some of metal’s greatest bon vivants. Through their two-and-a-half decades of existence, they’ve bathed monochromatic guitar drones in shocking pinks, bringing life and light to a gloomy sound. That’s the explicit goal of their new single “Memento Mori,” and their new album Dear, which they’ve called, “heavenly—far beyond heavy.” 

The title of the song—a Latin phrase in remembrance of the dead——has historically been a grim reminder of the transience of existence. Even though the tombstone-dense bass bursts in the opening seconds suggests otherwise, this a relatively light outing, even by Boris’ standards. The song is built around foggy harmonies, which ride above smoldering guitar lines. The instrumentation only gets brighter and more complex as the song goes on, which makes the somber sentiment of the title start to feel uplifting. Through the onslaughts of noise they find comfort.

Via Pitchfork