Chelsea Wolfe Dials Things Down // Interview Metro

Full feature via MetroNews

Chelsea Wolfe is ready to occupy a much quieter space. For years, metal’s favorite not-quite-folk artist has been touring and performing on bills that have leaned towards the heavier variety silencing rooms with her hauntingly beautiful voice. On her sixth full-length album, “Birth of Violence”, the singer-songwriter needed a break from the crushing volume of her previous album, “Hiss Spun”, and was looking to create an album that puts an emphasis on her voice and writing as opposed to heavy arrangements. This time around, she recorded these stripped-down folk-leaning songs at her new home in Northern California with her longtime collaborator, Ben Chisholm. As a result, “Violence” is one of Wolfe’s most affecting and direct albums to date. I spoke with Wolfe over the phone about the new album and reconnecting with her voice away from the thunderous feedback from the amps on stage.