Deafheaven’s George Clarke & Kerry McCoy on Sobriety, Surfing and Stage Stamina

Deafheaven have come a long way from “Windows,” off 2013’s Sunbather, which contains audio of guitarist Kerry McCoy scoring drugs with the last of his cash. It’s incredibly harrowing. It’s perhaps just as incredible that Deafheaven as a band left years of drug and alcohol abuse behind. Now they’re sober, healthy, and making artistic strides with their latest album, Infinite Granite. 

I talked to McCoy and vocalist George Clarke as they prepared to tour again after two years of COVID-19 pandemic. They presented a textbook lesson in how one is the company one keeps. (Their friends include previous Health Awaits interviewees Nate Garrett of Spirit Adrift and Gina Gleason of Baroness.) They also offered insight into staying balanced through life’s ups and downs – by staying busy, establishing routines, and keeping fit.

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