Chelsea Wolfe, King Woman and Lingua Ignota on "45 Most Anticipated Albums of 2019" // REVOLVER Magazine

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King Woman opened 2018 by offering up a one-off cover of the Stone Roses' "I Wanna Be Adored," but frontwoman Kristina Esfandiari spent much of the rest of the year primarily focused on her shoegaze/dream-pop solo project Miserable, which released a double-EP Loverboy / Dog Days. In 2019, the husky-voiced singer will turn back to her doom band King Woman, who are looking to follow up 2017's acclaimed Created in the Image of Suffering with more ghostly vocals and feedback-soaked grooves.


Kristin Hayter, a.k.a. Lingua Ignota, is not out to entertain. Her 2017 EP All Bitches Die is uneasy listening at its finest — an exorcism of extreme sounds and feeling that's been described as "liturgical power electronics, operatic brutalism, beautified death industrial, 'Girl Swans'" — and her live performances are often physically injurious and always emotionally grueling. How much of herself will she sacrifice for her next record? Enough that we won't be able to look away.


2017's Hiss Spun captured goth-rock high priestess Chelsea Wolfe at her darkest and heaviest, channeling twisted family history and calling in a demonic assist from one Aaron Turner to chilling effect. With a guest appearance on Deafheaven's Ordinary Corrupt Human Love and a recent spot opening for A Perfect Circle introducing her to a wider audience in 2018, the musician is set to break even more hearts and raise even more hairs with her forthcoming new acoustic album, the unofficial follow-up to 2012's excellent Unknown Rooms. We can't wait.