Brutus Live Review // Noizze

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For the past several years Brutus (9) have been regarded as many as one of the brightest hidden gems of the European prog and post rock scene. A frustratingly backhanded accolade indeed, but judging from this set and the response that their sophomore record Nest recently received, it’s clear Brutus are on the cusp of trading this title for a far more prestigious one. Whilst Brutus have frequently been exalted for their transfixing live shows this set demonstrates that it’s only time before Brutus are hailed as the leaders of the European scene. 

Opening with a droning yet ethereal interlude that leads into the monolithic progression of ‘Fire’ and the barbed shoegaze of ‘Cemetery’, one can not help but ask themselves that in what justice could Brutus ever have been classified as a hidden gem. On the back of these two tracks, it’s instantly evident that is set is going to be an utter masterclass of contemporary progression, with front-woman Stefanie Mannaerts’ possessive and transfixing vocals beautifully interweaving with her effortless and dynamically fluid percussion duties. 

Newly premiered tracks from Nest compliment Brutus’s continuous growth in a fashion most staggering, with the stampeding nature of ‘Drive’ and the transfixing ‘Justice De Julia II’ bolstering the vocalic adrenaline rush within ‘War’ and ‘Distance’. There are moments of celestial and divine beauty within this set, with a flawless rendition of ‘Space’ flooding the Bristolian venue with transcendent warmth and divine fervour. Truly, every part of this set is an absolute delight to bare witness to. Brutus captivate the sold out crowd before them almost effortlessly, driving every punter within the confines of this room into a state of possessed euphoria. 

Despite the group’s work being deeply intricate and multilayered, the trio swerve through their set flawlessly. Charging through the likes of ‘Distance’, ‘Techno’ and the fan favourite ‘All Along’, the trio demonstrate a level of musicianship and prowess rarely seen on a level such as this. Ending with the triumphantly haunting ‘Sugar Dragon’, a simply colossal track documenting the timeless tale of love lost against a wall of turbulent shoegaze and post rock, it’s the perfect way to close this fantastic set. With the shimmering wall of noise fading into a rapturous round of appraise, tonight has served as a wonderful night of left field invention courtesy of two brilliant acts who deserve to be showered with perpetual appraise.