Helms Alee Debut New Track, “Spider Jar” // Revolver



Feature via Revolver

Where would we be without Helms Alee?

The melodic trio from the Pacific Northwest boast some killer songwriting skills and understand the value of both melody and the riff, which makes for a lethal combination of might and mind. In advance of their new album, Noctiluca, which is out April 26th on Sargent House, the band has shared the fly-on-the-wall practice-space video for their new melodic banger “Spider Jar.”

The intimacy of their performance highlights the track’s heavy melodic sensibilities and hints at the band’s live firepower. Make no mistake — when they unleash “Spider Jar” onstage it will hit like a 10,000-watt stereo blasting out Pet Sounds.

Check out the video for the beautifully brutal “Spider Jar” above, pre-order your copy of Noctiluca here.