Ioanna Gika Shares New Track, 'Swan' // The 405


Feature via The 405

Greek-American songwriter Ioanna Gika will be releasing her self-produced debut album Thalassa on April 5th via Sargent House, and has today shared a devastating new single ‘Swan’. 

Speaking on the track she says:

“‘Swan’ is about the sinking feeling when you sense a relationship is coming to an end, but you are powerless to stop it… You exist in this nebulous state, and can sense the change, but are met with silence. I had this feeling right before my long-term relationship ended, I had this feeling when my dad was sick but doctors weren’t getting back to me with answers. Hearing the truth is harsh, but silence, when you’re looking for answers, is a suffocating purgatory.”

In the track, Gika takes the idea of a “swan song” and blows it up to dramatic and engulfing proportions. A truly stunning and overwhelming track, 'Swan’ has the ability to take you inside the singer’s fluttering and unstable moods and deliver a powerful dose of humanity; the longing, the insecurity - and the ever-present love and beauty despite it all.