Sargent House track mix & Interview // Gonzo (circus) [NL]

Niels Tubbing, author for Gonzo (circus) since 2009, spoke last October in the mountains of California with Cathy Pellow, founder of the American label Sargent House. He shows his favorites in this mixtape. 

In Gonzo (circus) # 143 you can read an interview with Cathy Pellow, founder of the Californian Sargent House label. Pellow started the label more than ten years ago and Sargent House has become a quality mark for all that can be found in the corner 'intense, somewhat transverse but beautiful guitar music'. 

The list of artists on the label reads like the poster of a dream festival, including Emma Ruth Rundle, Boris, And So I Watch You From Afar, Earth, Deafheaven and Chelsea Wolfe. In the Mixcloud Monday of this week an overview of a little one and a half hour of music from the label: nineteen artists are covered in twenty songs. Dive yourself to the beauty that Sargent House has to offer.

Full article via Gonzo (circus)