(via Immersive Atlanta)

I don’t know how Blis. does it. Viewed as an assemblage of individual parts, their songs don’t always appear to be especially revelatory— just solid post-hardcore fare getting by on moody dynamics and ‘90s nostalgia. But with every release the band prove themselves to be a consummate songwriting unit, consistently turning out music that is catchy, explosive, and emotionally gripping.Part of that credit goes to vocalist Aaron Gossett who sings with the kind of earnest vulnerability that can make the simplest line seem like an epiphany. But damn if this band does just flat-out jam when they want to, and new single “Bad Weather” is only further proof of their ability to wring magic out of a genre that too often feels staid and worn. 

Shot by Matt Foster and edited by Zak Washburn, the video helps maintain the track’s ‘90s vibe with visuals that wouldn’t have been out of place on an episode of 120 Minutes. Amidst all the stylized performance footage and closeups of spider webs and crawling worms, there’s plenty of downcast eyes and sullen faces, which makes sense considering the gravity of the song and its themes concerning drug abuse, identity, and misspent youth. More importantly, all that regretful longing feels honest and genuine, allowing the viewer to slowly succumb to the song’s dark spell. 

Whether or not “Bad Weather” is part of a forthcoming project or simply a one-off single remains to be seen; regardless, it should fuel plenty of anticipation for whatever Blis. decide to conjure up next.